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I’ve been crocheting for years!  My mother taught me when I was a little girl.

A few years ago, I started crocheting jewelry.  I’ve found so much joy in this journey.

Along the way, I get to meet new people, create beautiful things for all, even those with metal sensitivity and arthritis and honor my mother by continuing her beloved craft.

Thank you for being a friend and being a part of my journey!  I look forward to knowing you better and sharing more about my creations with you.

Did you know I love to use birthstones in my designs?








January’s birthstone is very special to me. 33 years ago, a very special boy entered the world and made me a mom.  Two grandchildren and many friends also have January birthdays.  The glorious garnet is purported to carry the energy of prosperity and the enjoyment of worldly pleasures. With its deep, rich, wine-red, it’s hard not to love the mighty garnet.

February babies, you’re up next month, so stay tuned and we’ll connect again soon.

Until then, blessings to you!



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