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My Neighborhood

Posted by Emily Bowers on  November 1, 2018

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We’ve been here exactly 1 month and we’ve gotten to know some amazing people already. This neighborhood has a very healthy mix of age ranges. Lots of about to be married, newly married, and young families as well as some seasoned citizens like us. Tom and I participated in the neighborhood Halloween party and took first place in the costume contest! It’s November first and we are loving our southern home. God is good!! Emily

We did it!

Posted by Emily Bowers on  October 5, 2018

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Hi Everyone! Well, we did it. We made the move to Durham, NC, at least for the winter. We’ll see how we like the “Snow Bird” lifestyle. Daily, we’re learning many new things about the south. For one thing, it’s still HOT in October! That Tooltip Textposed a slight problem for us. In New York, it was getting very chilly so I didn’t pack for the hot weather. Problem solved with a quick trip to