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Crazy Love 18-inch Beaded Necklace


Stunning 18″ necklace with Red Poppy Jasper, Red Tiger Eye, Peach Moonstone Chips, copper, and glass.


This Fall, the color to wear is warm, rich, red and this is the red accessory.   This gorgeous, 18 inch necklace is made of Red Poppy Jasper, Red Tiger Eye, Peach Moonstone chips, copper, and glass.  The semi-precious gemstones, metal, and glass abide harmoniously to create the perfect red for the season.   The beads are strung on Sienna colored nylon bead cord and meticulously finished by hand with fine craftsmanship.

The Red Poppy Jasper is new to my designs.  You will love the marbled gemstone.  No two are identical.  The cut of the stone is twisted for added visual interest.  The Peach Moonstone chips glisten from within.  You will just love this stunning red necklace.



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