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Mother’s Bracelet


Multi-strand Mother’s Day Bracelet




Mother’s (Family) Bracelet just in time for Mother’s Day. ¬†Available in single to 5 strands.

Additional information

Number of strands

single, 2-strand, 3-strand, 4-strand, 5-strand


Small-6-6 1/2, Medium-7-7 1/2, Large-8-8 1/2


Jan-Garnet bead, Jan-Garnet chip, Feb-Amethyst bead, Feb- Amethyst chip, Mar-Aquamarine bead, Mar- Aquamarine chip, Apr-Swarovski crystals, May Swarovski emerald crystals, June- Swarovski pink crystals, July-Red chalcedony, Aug-Peridot chips, Sept-Cobalt glass, Oct-Opalite chips, Nov-Citrine chips, Dec-Turquoise beads


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